It’s a surfers paradise!

Cyclonic conditions make for a surfers paradise. Only the experienced surfers were brave enough to head out and hit the big waves on the weekend and that was despite the beaches being closed and the many warnings not to venture out. But how can you really stop a keen surfer from hitting some amazing swells!

Cyclone Oma didn’t make landfall and was far enough off the southeast coast that we didn’t get the extreme damaging winds and torrential rain. Saturday it was downgraded to a sub tropical low, still generating strong winds however and dangerous surf conditions.

I would have been extremely disappointed if I hadn’t got down to see this natural phenomenon. Along with many locals and tourists we fought for a park close to the beach, so we could watch the show.

The beach erosion from the cyclonic conditions and king tides was very evident. We kept to the path and made our way through the crowd of people doing exactly what we were doing, finding a spot to check out Mother Nature at her finest and watch the experienced and possibly crazy surfers catching the big breakers at Kirra point.

The show didn’t disappoint and I was surprised at how many surfers were out on the water, they were relying on the jet skis to tow them in. I was super impressed by one little keen grommet who was surfing the white wash close to the beach to get his fix.

After our free entertainment we headed back towards our car, having a stop at the kids park and grabbing some pies for lunch from the Kirra bakery. It was a Sunday well spent and it was fantastic to see so many people getting out amongst it and supporting the local businesses.

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